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Set the Stage to Become a Leader !

By Sean Chua

Taking the Initiative as a team member will make your colleagues look up to you and put you on the path to bigger responsibilities!

So you think you are just an employee and should take the back seat while your boss drives you? Well, you should start being the Leader now. The day you are called to lead may not be far away. Your future at work calls for you to be a leader whether you manage a group of people or not.

Gone are the days when you could afford to take a back seat and await instructions from those at higher levels of the organization. With business and technology accelerating at a fast pace, every person within an organization has to pull his weight, and this requires:

A) Getting Fully Involved:

Be a part of every activity within your area of impact. You must keep yourself fully informed of everything related to your work function. You should improve your competencies on a daily basis with the intention of boosting your efficiency and effectiveness levels.

B) Taking Responsibility:

Be Proactive. Stop blaming, complaining, or giving excuses. This is not an easy step, but it is one of the most personally fulfilling and rewarding ones. An excellent team player does not waste time arguing about why something cannot be done. Instead, he takes responsibility to make it happen. This does not mean you will have to do it alone, it means you are willing to rally people around.

C) Making it Simple:

Help everyone to do their job more easily, faster and better. Communicate clearly and simply. This is a pre-requisite for enabling people to do their job as efficiently as possible.

D) Committing Yourself:

An excellent team player attaches great meaning and purpose to what he does on a daily basis, no matter how important or trivial the task is.

E) Communicating Clearly:

Initiate open and clear communication with everyone. Don't bite your tongue and remain silent when there is a pressing need for someone to speak up.

F) Motivating Yourself:

Keep a clear focus in mind. Excellent team players motivate themselves while doing their job. They also help to motivate their colleagues and keep the morale high.

G) Striving to be a Leader:

An excellent team player is a leader! Take the lead in offering your services for any task. Deliver on what you must and you will discover that you gain the freedom to do what you want to. Once people know that you dependably deliver on what you are accountable for, work starts to become a pleasure as people no longer feel the need to supervise your every move. Excellent Team Players help others to fulfil their functions as well, whether it is part of their job scope or not. They support others to achieve their targets.

So friends out there, do all of the above and you will develop into an extraordinary leader.

"A Leader takes people where they want to go."
"A great Leader takes people where they don't necessary want to go, but ought to be."
- Adapted from Rosalynn Carter, Wife of former US President Jimmy Carter.

PS: Above are what my army friends (in diverse industries portfolio) and I have brain-stormed and come up with. It is much through observation and thoughts from our working environment, as well as through observations from this one week re-service we had in the army.

PSS: Please feel free to add comments and feedback, so that I can make the blog more comprehensive to share with the whole world, on how to become Successful!

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