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Do Not Compromise Your Values

By Janelle Coulton

One mistake that I see over and over is people who compromise their values. Sometimes we may ignore one of our values simply to please our lover. This is not good. Relationships are about trust, acceptance, appreciation, love and honesty. You simply cannot afford to be anything than who you really are within a relationship. Being true to yourself first is so important. There are many people out there who are not being true themselves, they fake relationship after relationships and wonder why they leave a string of bad relationships wherever they go.

Committing to being genuine and true to your values is the key here. Do not let your lover compromise your values. Values are certain principles by which we live. We may have learnt these values as children or developed some of our values as we grew up. We raise our children according to our values. So it is equally important to stick to our own. You may have a value that does not condone sex before marriage. The love of your life comes along and he or she may insist that your value is not of importance to them, therefore it shouldn't be to you. Wrong. Your values are extremely important and it is so important to remain true to them. If you believe that couples should refrain from sexual intimacy until they are married then it is important that you stick to your guns. If you give in and let your partner have their way, you will regret it. I made this mistake and still regret it to this day.

Relationships are based on acceptance of each others values. You should not even attempt to convince someone that their value is wrong. There is nothing wrong with expressing your values to your partner, but to convince them to change theirs when they do not agree with you is not right. Compromising on your most important values will cause you to lose in two ways. Your relationship will not survive, due to resentment and you will be filled with regret at giving up your values.

Copyright 2007 Janelle Coulton

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Janelle Coulton (aka Jel) is a professional writer of articles, essays and short stories. She is passionate about writing and helping people who have questions about human relationships or have relationship troubles. Her work can be provocative, controversial and funny, and she loves to encourage her readers to look at the big picture. Jel also runs a relationship group at Yahoo! and maintains three websites containing many resources on relationships and marriage.

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