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Computer Data Recovery

Recovering Data recovery from a hard drive is a complicated affair. No matter how this has happened:

  • somehow lost or deleted
  • become corrupted
  • business espionage
  • faulty hardware or software
  • or any other reason

There is some good news; your lost data is almost certainly recoverable. This article will explain some things you should NOT to do when an event such occurs.

Don't operate the hard drive anymore, or use the PC/machine. You may think it won't hurt to have a look around the internet for a solution to this mess, you're wrong! Don't install or run anything on the drive you hope to recover data from. Only access this drive again from a fully functional PC with the software you need already installed. As the computer overwrites files in the order they've been deleted, therefore the last files that have been eliminate from your hard drive will be the first to be erased permanently.

Any further use of the machine, even just surfing the web, could destroy your chances of recovering the files. With all the amount of temporary internet files that are generated this seemly harmless activity can often jeopardize the whole process without you even knowing about it.

Another word of warning, don't use the preinstalled tools that you may have on your computer, such as Scandisk, any defragmenter or boot record utility, as these will more than likely overwrite the exact files you're trying to recover.

In brief, be careful! Your data may very well be recoverable, as long as you don't do something to erase it permanently! Find a repeatable data recovery software solution, and then follow the instructions to the letter. If done properly you'll more than likely live to see your lost data return!