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IT Governance

Squeezing Value From IT

Are you confident that you are getting best value for money from your investment in IT? Are you confident that your current technical architecture can handle organisational change? Finding ways to deliver tangible value out of information systems challenges many businesses. The concept of value can be subjective, and may differ between Boardroom and IT department. What constitutes value for the Board in terms of return on investment may not equate to value in terms of project delivery or systems enhancement in the eyes of the CIO.

The answer lies in both the Board and the CIO having the same objective

The answer lies in both the Board and the CIO having the same objective and understanding of the business goals in terms of IT, and secondly a robust means of measuring them. This can be positively achieved by instilling a corporate governance process in the business's IT personnel. Governance puts in place controls, processes and Key Performance Indicators that can enable the CIO to accurately monitor and measure the return on investment the business receives from IT by defining what it means for the business.

A significant point about IT governance is that it needn't be complicated. Run the IT department like a business and you should be governing it as it ought to be.

stty believes that IT governance:

  • Is an inseparable element of good corporate governance.
  • Is the responsibility of the Board and executives (both IS and business).
  • Requires a top-down approach, and senior management should live the model.
  • Should be aligned with business objectives.