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IC & T Infrastructure

No matter how many or how complex the issues you face, the success of your business relies on your keeping your information systems, applications, and networks available - for customers, employees, investors, suppliers. Concurrently, you must focus on implementing and managing infrastructures that combine data, voice, and video, interlace hardware and software from many vendors, and incorporating diverse operating environments.

Building and maintaining technological infrastructure has become a specialized and time consuming responsibility. The staff of stty consulting have been involved in infrastructure architecture, implementation, and management for over 10 years and have a strong footing in the field, providing solutions that help drive business innovation and expansion.

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Our experience includes the development of Voice and Data Networks, Telecom and PBX Systems, Data Centers, and Distributed IT Infrastructures. In addition, we have managed the ongoing operations of these systems, and assisted Technical Services organizations. We can help you with the following services:

Defining/Reviewing the Infrastructure Vision, Strategy, and Plan
Global Infrastructure Development and Rollout / Technology Standardization
Systems and Network Development And Rollout
Infrastructure Reviews and Optimization
Interim Infrastructure Operational Management

Creating, implementing, and maintaining the most appropriate and cost-effective high availability infrastructure takes a lot of experience, expertise, and commitment. We can be an extremely effective extension of your IT staff, providing unbiased professional services across a broad scope of infrastructure needs on an "as needed basis. Simply contact us via the web site, on the contact page, to arrange for a free exploratory consultation.

Defining/Reviewing the Infrastructure Vision, Strategy, and Plan

We work with the key business and technical leaders in your business to understand the goals and aspirations of your company and how technology is currently being leveraged. We then develop a vision document, proposing changes to the infrastructure necessary to support planned applications, the business vision, as well as to correct any issues in the current environment. We define the infrastructure strategy necessary to define how the vision will be realized, as well as a plan of initiatives necessary to implement the systems and processes required to support the strategy. When we're done you will receive an expert plan on how to move forward cost effectively, quickly, and professionally

Global Infrastructure Design, Implementation and Rollout

The staff of stty consulting has successfully defined, developed and implemented new infrastructure environments for such companies as B.Braun Medical, The British Printing Company and The Polestar Group. These projects have included complex infrastructure rollouts, requiring a "ground up" redesign and simultaneous management of teams in multiple locations. The philosophies of our work are to leverage the latest technology solutions while managing risk, and to standardize the solution across the business. We tightly align the infrastructure architecture and design with the business and applications strategies. We can provide a project manager to spearhead your rollout, and/or additional resources as needed. Let us help your organization fill its infrastructure needs.

Network Design, Development and Rollout

We have lead the design and rollout of both domestic and international systems and communications networks. We can help your organization design the most cost effective solution to you networking needs, choose the most appropriate vendors and manage the roll out of the new environment. Some additional areas of interest include the convergence of voice, video and data; implementing desktop video conferencing; and IP Telephony. We can develop an initial plan in which you will receive an expert assessment of the various scenarios, risks and issues, the opportunities and a detailed actionable plan on how to move forward cost effectively, quickly, and professionally.

Infrastructure Review and Optimization

Tactical in nature, this is a review of the technologies and architecture that constitute the company infrastructure, as well as the policies and processes by which it is managed. This review is typically associated with concerns related to systems availability, disaster recovery, and acceptable technical support. When we're done you will receive an expert assessment of the issues, the opportunities for cost / benefit savings and a detailed actionable plan on how to move forward cost effectively, quickly, and professionally.

Interim Infrastructure Management

Our Staff has successfully managed systems operations organizations supporting from medium size domestic companies to large global corporations. This includes Help Desks, Technology Support, Network and Systems Operations, and user training. We can provide the resource necessary to manage your operations group, whether the goal is to provide temporary management while a permanent leader is found, or to provide alternate management to improve the organizational performance through mentoring, definition of processes and policies, and integration of new tools. In addition, we can provide the actual operational resources, such as help desk and desktop technicians, systems administrators and network engineers.