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USB For Laptops - Good Or Not?

By Ruddy Gunawan

Do you own a used laptop or want to buy one? Usually people who interested in used laptops are people who seek effectiveness from their laptops. Yep, they want a cheap laptop because they simply need it, nothing more. However, you should enhance your used laptop. Try to put one or two accessories to your laptop like a mouse and USB.

USB was designed for personal computers but nowadays it is a common thing for laptop either. USB is something that everyone needs, from high school students to high-profile office managers, everyone needs it. A USB is a "bridge" for many electronic gadgets, including PDA and video game console. So if you have an important data from your PC and you want to transfer it to another gadget, you need a USB.

A normal and new personal computer normally has six USB ports. For laptops, I see that USB trend is growing too. There are almost no new laptops without any USB ports. Some good mobile laptops even have more than one USB port. Thus, you need a USB to make everything more effective for your used laptop. You buy a used laptop because you need it, right? Usually a hard worker needs a USB to help his jobs easier.

Thus, a USB is important for everyone, especially for PCs and laptops. You can't just rely on the data inside your laptop. How if one day your laptop needs to be repaired? How if one day your laptop can't operate normally anymore? Then you need a USB to back up your data so you won't get panic even if something terrible happens to your laptop.

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