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Taxas Hold'em Poker

Simple rules of Hold em Poker.

The Dealer gives two cards to each player face down. (Don"t let anybody else see 'em)

  • The first round of betting. (Explained below)
  • The dealer then places three cards face up on the table.
  • The second round of betting.
  • The dealer then places a fourth card face up on the table.
  • The third round of betting.
  • The dealer then places a fifth card face up on the table.
  • The forth and final round of betting.
The players then use any combination of 5 cards, either in their hand or on the table to make the best hand. Obviously the best hand is the winner and takes the money. Simple..

How to Bet

Betting is done clockwise, starting with the person sat next to the dealer.
This person has three choices:
  • He can bet
  • He can fold (give up and throw hand in)
  • He can check or pass
Each player in turn has the same options.
Once a bet is placed the other player can in turn raise the bet, first option. The round of betting is complete when remaining players have acted at least once and have contributed the same amount to the "pot".
In order to make sure that each game starts with something in the "pot", every player has to make a "blind" bid to buy the initial cards.
The player next to the dealer will bet one poker dollar and the others two.

Poker Hands - Highest to Lowest

  1. Straight Flush (5 Consecutive Cards Of The Same Suit)
  2. Four Of A Kind
  3. Full House (3 Of A Kind And A Pair)
  4. Flush (5 Cards Of The Same Suit)
  5. Straight (5 Consecutive Cards Any Suit)
  6. Three Of A Kind
  7. Two Pairs
  8. One Pair
  9. High Card ( Ace, King, Queen, Etc)