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How Information Technology can really underpin your business performance

stty Consulting recognises the challenges of adopting IT in both small and medium sized business environments and we are experienced in how an integrated IT solution - which is aligned with your overall business strategy - can improve a company's performance. We also stress the need for companies to consider their relationships when planning their technological investments.

We are an experienced and visionary business management consultancy specializing in business technology. At stty Consulting we aspire to the ideal that we are always "helping to build better businesses". To achieve our goals may involve various skills, methods and initiatives which will apply professionally and swiftly.

The business has extensive knowledge of from servicing the consumer, industrial and healthcare sectors, with the ability to provide valuable solutions to business problems through the appropriate application of technology.

stty Consulting benefits from the ability to understand business requirements and commercial constraints which has been gained whilst being engaged by an number of small businesses and multi-national organisations ·

Today's businesses are increasingly reliant on their IT system. Yet many are being hampered by their inefficient use of technology. Of particular concern are those that are operating with a 'patchwork' of disparate systems and applications. Another cause of gross inefficiency is a failure to target IT investment. According to a recent DTI International Benchmarking Study (2004), while 77 per cent of UK businesses had a business plan, only 33 per cent had an IT policy as part of their overall strategy. The majority of companies do not necessarily need to spend more on IT, just more efficiently.


Recent Developments

One of our partners, Pandora Consulting, is seeking UK based SME's to help with the promotion and testing of our latest innovation software package we are jointly developing.

The software is poised to move into the next stages of its development life-cycle and we are need of some external assistance. If you sign up you will receive FREE use of the software during the development period, as well as a discount on all associated consulting services.

To obtain a copy of the software go to our InnovationWorks downloads section for the free development version on the Pandora website.

Contact Pandora Consulting for further information.

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